Savannah Bee Home Page

H - E - R - Os

-Andrea Burg
eCommerce Director, Savannah Bee Co.


We were initially brought in to maintain, update, and improve the existing site built on the Magento Enterprise platform. The platform was showing its age, and it was evident that band-aid on top of band-aid had been applied to try to solve various problems. Constant patches led to slow load times, unexpected errors, and a high cost of ownership. While we were able to solve some of these problems both teams knew we would be moving off of Magento and onto a hosted platform when it came time to rebuild.

You guys have been a great partner for us on this adventure of replatforming and redesigning our site.

The site has turned out fabulous in design, functionality, navigation…the list goes on. And we have you to thank for so much of that. I really believe that all our hard work will show in the results of the site from a sales perspective in the coming months.

-Taylor Cook
Marketing Director, Savannah Bee Co.

What we worked on

Oak.Works’ worked hand-in-hand with the stakeholders at Savannah Bee Company to scope features, design solutions, and build out the new eCommerce experience via the BigCommerce platform. During our discovery phase, Google Analytics revealed that a small area of improvement in mobile conversion rates would mean a massive difference in sales. So, improving the interface and experience on mobile became our primary area of focus throughout the project.

Mobile optimizations

How we did it

By working closely with the in-house print design team, we were able to take desktop designs and apply our best practices in areas of user experience to deliver a mobile responsive site for all screen sizes. We also came up with some clever ways to help customers navigate the site and created custom widgets that made it easier to add products to the cart viewed on mobile.


Oak.Works launched the new site on time and under budget while delivering new features that saw conversion rates nearly double in the first two months. Solved longstanding inventory issues between web and retail. Delivered a solution that fully integrates point of sale (POS) retail store performance with eCommerce for accurate reporting.

Technical Accomplishments

Utilizing our many years of developing custom web / mobile applications we were able to accomplish the following solutions for Savannah Bee Company:

  • Data migration from Magento & WordPress
    • over 150,000 customer accounts and address info
    • Coupons and gift certificates
    • Blog posts
    • Redirects
    • Customer reviews
  • Improved site performance
    • Utilized SVG graphics for icons & logo
    • Leveraged the BigCommerce Akamai CDN and new browser features we are able to deliver images sized for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
    • We implemented a progressive loading solution that only loads content when it is visible on your screen.
  • Google Enhanced eCommerce Reporting
    • Although unsupported on the platform we were able to use Google Tag Manager and custom javascript to accomplish Enhanced eCommerce Reporting inside Google Analytics
  • Google Structured Data to enable product review ratings in Google search results
  • A/B Testing via Google Optimize
    • At launch, we knew we wanted to be able to A/B test small design changes and have already been able to run 8 tests that have increased conversions
  • Created clever ways to allow for easy editing of nearly all aspects of the home page
  • BigCommerce also enabled us to easily tap into new features such as
    • Amazon Pay
    • Additional sales channels
      • Facebook
      • Instagram Shopping
      • Amazon
    • Solved Google Shopping/Merchant center issues by simplifying site structure and product page layouts.